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Greens First DeAcidify Kit


The DeAcidify Kit is the Detox of choice to alkalize the pH of the tissues, neutralize acids and rid them from the body.

Whole Body Cellular Detox

• Alkalize pH
• Neutralize Acids
• Eliminate Toxins
• 15+ Servings of Fruits & Vegetables in Every Scoop
• 54 Alkalizing Ingredients
• 3 Billion CFU of Probiotics
• Organic Fruits & Vegetables
• Superfoods & Super Greens
• Soluble & Insoluble Fibers
• Herbs & Spices
• Natural Flavonoids
• Digestive Enzymes

With today’s diet & lifestyle, toxic acid wastes can build up at the cellular level, creating cellular inflammation that prevents nutrients from getting into the cell and toxins from getting out.

1) Greens First PRO to alkalize pH & nourish the body with 15+ servings of fruits, vegetables and superfoods.
2) Acid Neutralizer PRO to promote the neutralization and elimination of excess acids in the cells and tissues with alkaline ionic trace minerals.

The BEST Detox

The DeAcidify Kit is the Detox of choice to alkalize the pH of the tissues, neutralize acids and rid them from the body. It’s fast-acting, easy to use, effective, and works by making a real change in cellular biology. (And there’s something unexpected….the products TASTE GREAT for high compliance!) The results are incredible. Increased energy, dramatic reduction in muscle and joint pain, weight loss, and more! You and your patients will love it.

The DeAcidify Kit includes 2 products: Greens First PRO and Acid Neutralizer PRO, a convenient Snap-Top Shaker Cup, the pH Test Kit (15 Test Strips & Color Chart) and a Patient Guide.

Greens First PRO is a unique nutrient blend of antioxidants, phytonutrients and naturally occurring vitamins with 15+ servings of fruits, vegetables & superfoods in every scoop. The product nourishes the body, reduces inflammation, quenches all 5 major free radicals, alkalizes the body and raises pH to help neutralize the acids ingested during the day, while also facilitating the detoxification of acids lodged in the organs and deep tissues.

Acid Neutralizer PRO is a specially designed blend of alkaline detox minerals designed to neutralize acids at the cellular level, rendering them harmless salts that can safely be sent back through the bloodstream to the kidneys and easily eliminated in the urine. The product uses the most effective type and delivery form of alkaline minerals the body needs to support its defense of a typical daily acid onslaught


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