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1800 W. Woolbright Rd

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Stacy Mussleman

Natural Medicine

About Stacy Mussleman

Stacy Mussleman practices natural medicine and is a board certified Holistic Health Practitioner. A graduate of the University of Central Florida for her undergraduate degree she also holds a Masters in Nutrition and is working toward her PhD. Stacy has completed her practicum hours at Another Level Health for her Doctorate in Natural Medicine and is currently working on her dissertation in Quantum Physics. Stacy was a fitness spokesmodel, has competed in fitness and figure shows and has been featured in national advertisements for major magazines. Stacy lives a plant based lifestyle and believes a whole food plant based diet provides for optimal health. Stacy is also a certified corporate wellness coach and facilitates healthy lifestyles to major corporations based in South Florida. Stacy provides health assessments using FBCA (Functional Blood Chemical Analysis) and QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis). She is also the founder of The Quantum Cure. Stacy is passionate about sharing her knowledge and enjoys healing and helping others.

Natural Medicine & Holistic Health
Undergraduate, University of Central Florida / Masters in Nutrition
Doctorate in Natural Medicine, Certified Corporate Wellness Coach, FBCA (Functional Blood Chemical Analysis) and QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis)
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561 572 3542

1800 W Woolbright Rd, Suite 101

Boynton Beach, 33426, Florida

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Natural Medicine
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